Artist Jian Yoo’s contemporary mother-of-pearl art works

Contemporary Mother-of-Pearl Art

Artist Jian Yoo’s contemporary mother-of-pearl art studio, Arijian aspires to unfold the mother-of-pearl’s inherent beauty and artistic value through the artist’s unique perspectives and approaches.
The mother-of-pearl’s highest quality, namely its iridescent and ever-changing glow, is delivered through techniques and colors of various genres in the form of objects, art furniture, paintings, and more. Jian Yoo approaches mother-of-pearl art as the task of inlaying shards of brilliant light. This sculptural approach shows how she perceives the mother-of-pearl as a contemporary art medium rather than a historical, region-specific craft material. As a committed artist, Jian Yoo continues to widen her world of art through various research and trials.

Named after the artist, “Arijian” means to “engrave beautiful light”, and the Arijian online gallery is a channel, where the artist’s contemporary mother-of-pearl art is showcased. At the same time, it introduces art pieces that allow viewers to experience and enjoy the diverse variations of the mother-of-pearl in traditional furniture, gift collections, contemporary mother-of-pearl paintings, and more.

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