BBONUS Nursing Shoes Woman, Man Signature Shoes White



  • BBONUS is a brand created for nurses who are passionate about the medical field and empower them to treat and care for their patients.
  • For nurses who are placed in an environment where they have to stand all day to work, the condition of the day changes depending on which shoes they wear.
  • Wear functional shoes with various functions such as cushioning, lightness, and breathability to reduce foot fatigue.
  • From the time you arrive at work to the time you leave work, you are in good physical condition.
  • Outsoles and insoles made of lightweight materials reduce fatigue by reducing muscle usage in the lower body such as feet, ankles, calves, and thighs.
  • It absorbs the pressure generated by the earth's gravity through the material that is good for the cushion, reducing fatigue and effectively maintaining the condition.
  • In addition, there are ventilation holes that remove sweat and odors that occur when wearing them for a long time, creating a comfortable environment.
  • Try on the nurse's shoes, which combine features that are effective for the condition of your feet.
  • The physical condition before and after wearing is completely different.

    Product details

      • Sole Material: Synthetic Rubber
      • Outer Material: Rubber
      • Closure Type: Pull On
      • Not Water Resistant

    About this item

        • Lightness - Increased lightness with pylon material, 455g based on S size, reduces leg fatigue even when standing for a long time
        • Cushion Feeling - Outsole made of pylon material optimized for cushioning, premium insole that provides body balance, air cushion that reduces fatigue and burden
        • Breathability - Breathable mash material, 6 vents for heat dissipation and breathability, sweat removal and foot odor catching effect
        • Not Water Resistant
        • Comfort - Lightweight pylon material reduces burden, air cushion and premium insole maximize cushioning
        • Function- It can be used by anyone who needs to stand up and work for a long time, and can be used anywhere, such as hotels, marts, schools, offices, hospitals, nursing, etc.

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