It is an organic sanitary napkin that fully applies the sophisticated technology of scientists. It is filled with 100% organic cotton from all sides that touch the skin to the inside, 3D structured natural ingredient Cellatex ™ optimized for the nature of absorption is used, and ergonomic comfort is provided by applying a broad line pattern.


Customer Reviews

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I just keep using The Prism.

I've used sanitary napkins, but now I'm only using The Prism.
I have sensitive skin, but this has never been a problem.

Only The Prism is used.

I've been using The Prism since summer, and I've been using only this one ever since.

I really like it!

My roommate said it was an item advertised on Instagram that she often sees, so I bought it together, and I really like it!
I don't give review points, but this is the first time I've come in and written. I like the product so much that I want everyone to know, so I'm leaving a message.
When I was on my period, I had severe menstrual cramps, enough to eat a whole bottle of EZN6s, but thanks to this product, this month was so comfortable!
Everyone please buy it.

Forrest Cahoon
I'm sure it's organic.

It is an organic product, so it is safe to use and comfortable to wear.

Eric Hastings
Very good

I heard good things about it and ordered it.
It's nice because it's thin and it definitely doesn't smell.

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