COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner 150ml


  • AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner is an effective toner for your flaky skin caused by lack of moisture and occurring dead skin cell, helping with early prevention of whiteheads and blackheads.


  • Contained in AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner are mineral water (as opposed to purified water) for your skin health, natural AHA, natural BHA to clean away dead skin cell.
  • valid substances like allantoin provide moisture and nutrition for moist and smooth skin.


Improved Skin Texture: The formulation of AHA, BHA, and Purifying Botanical ingredients helps improve skin texture, making it smoother and more refined.
Increased Vitality: It boosts skin vitality, giving it a healthier and more vibrant appearance.
Pore Control: The product helps control pores, minimizing their appearance and promoting a clearer complexion.
Elimination of Impurities: It effectively eliminates impurities from the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed.
Exfoliation: The product exfoliates the surface of the skin, removing dead cells and promoting cell turnover for a brighter complexion.

How to use

  • 1. Use in skin/toner stage after facial wash every morning/evening
  • 2. Amply wet a cotton pad and blot the skin along the skin texture inside out as if gently massaging


  • Brand : COSRX
  • Capacity : 150ml
  • Target Area : Face
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types
  • Country of origin : South Korea


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