The red ginseng liquid product of Punggi Ginseng Sanghoe is 100% pure red ginseng liquid that does not use any additives other than red ginseng and water. It is a product that has been carefully brewed with the sincerity of Punggi Ginseng Sanghoe after selecting good red ginseng ingredients to reduce the burden of bitter taste of red ginseng so that you can enjoy long-lasting happiness. We put 30 bags in luxurious paper packaging so that you can present it to a good place. Punggi Ginseng Sanghoe wishes for the health of its customers.

Give your loved ones the perfect token of appreciation with this delightful and thoughtful present.

*Online Exclusive
*30 packets
*Paper box

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kelley Scharf
I am satisfied

As a gift for my parents, it was wrapped in a wrapping cloth, and I bought it in an economical way for me to eat, great

Soriah E.
I have received it well

I am very satisfied haha ​​I thought I would have bought the slices at once.

Kevin E. Pilarski

I bought both the practical type and the bojagi packaging.
When it comes to red ginseng, I only see red packages, but I am very satisfied with the luxurious packages.
If you try it and your parents are satisfied, you will buy it again.


Bought for a gift. I bought it because it was recommended.

BB n Hhhh

I gave it as a gift and it is so neat and nice. I'll make it hot.

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