It is an organic sanitary napkin that fully applies the sophisticated technology of scientists. It is filled with 100% organic cotton from all sides that touch the skin to the inside, 3D structured natural ingredient Labocell™ optimized for the nature of absorption is used, and ergonomic comfort is provided by applying a broad line pattern.

WHOLESALE Regular 36 Packs (3.6kg) 384 x272.x332


WHOLESALE Heavy 36 Packs (4.7kg) 388x278x377

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ayra Ortiz
Get it in bundles

My skin is very sensitive, but there is no chafing, and I really like it. When I love Inertia. I recommend it !

I bought a lot this time.

I'm the type of person who changes sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation, so I bought plenty this time.
I tried the large size last time and I was satisfied.
Of course, the medium size is equally good.

Jennifer Koch
just use this

I bought a lot just to use this.
I've tried other sanitary napkins, but so far this is the number one! hehe

Lynn Carole Brearley
Since it is pure cotton, it is comfortable to wear and absorbs well.

Because it is pure cotton, it is comfortable to wear and absorbs well, so it is less uncomfortable than other sanitary pads! I was worried because it was the part that touched the vulva, but after using organic menstrual pads, my menstrual cramps decreased a lot, and my sensitivity at every menstrual period was greatly alleviated!

Oscar Rincones
It's also good that it's unscented and unscented

It's also good that it's unscented and unscented. I'm very satisfied that the vinyl wrapping the sanitary pad peels off well and wraps and seals the sanitary pad I've used I repurchase every time it falls off.

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