It is the top item of outerwear using fleece material.
It is a pullover style product that can be worn layered with various inners, and
can be worn comfortably with an over silhouette.
The size can be adjusted with a string inside the neck zipper,
and the double closure of the zipper and string protects the body from the cold wind.
The bandana print lining is visible when unzipped and hides a stylish twist detail.
The bandana-patterned hem line, which seems to have been double-layered, brings out sophisticated details. It is finished with a simple and clean design and details by
matching the zipper to the front curved incision line starting from the middle of the raglan sleeve and armhole . You can adjust it to the desired silhouette by inserting a string into the hemline. It is a product that can be worn according to the mood in everyday life.


· Silicone wapen
· Hood and sleeve matte folding band
· Neck stopper & string
· Hem stopper & string
· Bandana print lining

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